Who is the executive coaching for?

Business owners and directors with a lot of responsibilities who focus on growth and profitability of their businesses.

Executive – performance coaching is a communication method utilizing a coaching dialogue in line with the competences of the International Coaching Federation. 

The coach asks the client coaching questions and the client comes to his or her own solutions without the coach giving advice, expressing opinions or evaluating.

The coach remains neutral, steers the clients towards the future, and helps them find solutions, become aware of their thoughts, set targets, plans and actions, and adjust their habits, encouraging and empowering them to achieve their goals. The coach is responsible for professional management of the entire coaching process and asking the right coaching questions. The client actively cooperates with the coach and between individual sessions performs activities required to achieve the goal.


Clients need to bring a pen and paper to each session, because the focus lies on your senses and the performance part of the brain – the prefrontal cortex.

Clients should be calm and free from stress to allow the brain to work well.

The coaching provider is bound by a strict confidentiality obligation, which, besides other things, imposes an obligation to maintain confidentiality about clients and their businesses.

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about me –
Ing. Jana Kuricová, ACC

about me – Ing. Jana Kuricová, ACC

I’m a professional internationally certified executive coach, executive leader and executive negotiator.

Coaching education:
Internationally recognized certificate -ACC – Associate Certified Coach compliant with the coaching competences defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) from the coaching school Results & Emotions in Prague, Czech Republic. 

ACC - Associate Certified Coach

In providing coaching services I follow the ICF Code of Ethics, which is available in Slovak language here.

Originally, I wanted to become a psychiatrist, but it seems I was predestined for the world of business.

For many years, I have worked for four different global Fortune 500 companies in executive, leadership, negotiation, and business positions.

I achieved a strong results in these companies, in terms of profit, negotiations and business and I have acquired:

  • Certificate of Achievement in the area of profit and negotiation (June 2019)
  • Certificate in the area of Innovations (March 2018)

I continue to actively study psychology, business, leadership, neuroscience, law, finance, investments and entrepreneurship.

Business is my passion, just like martial arts.

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